Bell Farms™ Fish

Farm raised to be the best.

Our fish are raised in a highly controlled indoor farm where we can control environmental factors including biological security and temperature to give the best possible environment to grow healthy and efficiently. 

No hormones. No antibiotics.

We do not give our fish hormones or antibiotics. We have biological monitoring protocols in place to deal with bacteria and health hazards to the fish. Our team of scientists and fish experts constantly monitor our fish health. We believe raising fish in this way leads to a more flavorful product and a
healthier human population.

Water clean enough to drink.

Our water is pumped from a natural well located on our farm. Developed in cooperation with The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute, our Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) farm is specially designed to capture solid waste and recirculate 99.64% of our water on a flow basis. The Freshwater Institute works with the aquaculture industry to create systems that  produce fish using much less water while meeting point-source effluent discharge regulations.and reclaiming the nutrients that would normally be wasted.

Our fish is available through these fine distributors:

Asian Foods
Bluefin Seafood
Dixons Seafood
Piazza Produce
Samuels & Son
Buckhead Fish
Sysco -  Chicago | Central Illinois | St. Louis | Kansas City | Iowa | East Wisconsin | Baraboo 
Wild Edibles Seafood

And these fine restaurants and grocers:

Anoosh Bistro
Black Market
Caplinger's Fresh Catch
Chef Mike's Charcoal Grill
Farm Bloomington
Island Creek Oyster Bar 
J's Market 
Jack Fry's
Mesh on Mass
Red Yeti Brewing Co
Relay Foods
Ruth's Chris
Shoefly Public House
Upland Brewing Company
Valley Kitchen and Bar

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